Haul Off Catterpiller For Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd.

SAI EXTRUMECH haul-off caterpillar is fully guarded and has good accessibility of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic parts. It provides automatic absorption of cable irregularities by mean of independent gripping roller system. High number of gripping rollers ensures even distribution of pressure on the length of cable to be pressed. The belts are pressed and tensed pneumatically ensuring low specific pressure on cable due to great contact length of Caterpillar. Line Seed can be adjusted as required by means of three speed gear box. A built in control incorporates all necessary pressure gauges. Safety elements and push buttons. Sai Extrumech Haul-off Caterpillars has adjustable gripping force independent of the opening and can be used as entry Caterpillar and Exit Caterpillar.


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