We also specialize in manufacturing and exporting offline annealing machine. As its name suggests, it is suitable for annealing many strands of copper wire in a single process. Our annealing machine is built with extreme technical and quality control processes to ensure high performance from them. This annealing machine also involves an off line annealing process. This annealing machine is capable of annealing 24 spools of wire at a time that assists in saving cost, resources and most importantly the precious time. The spools fitted in the take up stands of these annealing machinery are either driven together by group drive motors or through a individual torque motor dedicated to drive each of the 8/12 spools. Each spool can hold the maximum weight of 100/150 kgs.

These annealing machine offers many advantages that are :

  • Wires are free from color variation
  • Energy efficient
  • No leakage of vacuum
  • No effect of weather
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