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We are the quality manufacturer of piggyback extruder having wide range of advance technology option which you can opt from from us. Our piggyback extruder comes with best quality delivery and best price you can get that is for sure. We also offer time warranty for our high quality piggyback extruder and extrusion crossheads.

The space saving Mobile Extruders usually operators in conjunction with the fixed horizontal extruder. Thus in combination provides extra flexibility to insulate automotive wires, optical fibre buffering etc. and also employed as an auxiliary extruder for skin insulation, striping &colouring. It is grounded by the foundation bolt & provides mobility in all four directions. i.e. backward, forward and both sideways. It ensure that its mobility leaves no impact on the quality of the products and provide the clearing, changing of screw & cross head as well and manages the thermal expansion of main extruders.


SEC offers following piggy back extruders

  • 25mm Piggyback Extruder
  • 30mm Piggyback Extruder
  • 40mm Piggyback Extruder
  • 45mm Piggyback Extruder
  • 50mm Piggyback Extruder

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