The  SAI automatic coiling machine is designed to fulfill a wide variety of different coil with very simple operating process, our coiling machine is of a basic frame is electro welded steel that ensure a perfect base for the rest of the equipment.
On the other side of the machine, we find the rotor that is composed of coiling forms that can be opened automatically with the help of Pneumatic system. The coil forms are interchangeable depending on the coil size and cable size.

The machine is also equipped a meter counts that checks precisely the length on the coil, When the preset length is achieved, the roter forms 1800 and the operation in cut the wire length a cutting device placed in front of him.

  • Automatic coiling cable from an extrusionline or a payoff rewinding line.
  • The activating a push button the line starts coiling by ramping up and down and stop at the exact length.
  • During the coiling process, the finished coil can be extracted manually or automatically.
  • PLC+ touch screen control for easy operating system.
  • The Complete line is composed of a single driven pay off that receives the cable to be coiled along with the payoff, a dancer accumulator regulates the speed and ramping phases of the pay off.
  • The winder is powered by a A/c motor with A/c frequency drives.
  • Traversing, through ball screw.


  • Cable diameter max : 0.75 to 10 sq.m.
  • Coil outside diameter max : 350 mm
  • Winding height adjustable : 150 mm
  • Operating height : 1000 mm
  • Total Power : 7.5 Kw
  • Pass through direction : Right to left or left to right
  • Air Pressure supply : 6 bar (10 kg. /cm2)
  • Weight(Approx.) : 2.2 Ton(approx.)
  • Average Speed : 2.0 coils/min of 100 meter
  • Color : Blue
  • L x W x H : 3600mm x 1200mm x 2300 mm
  • Coil Size : Height 60-100 mm
  • Outside diameter 150 to 350mm
  • Inside diameter 100 to 150 mm
  • Cable diameter 0.75 sq. mm to 10 sq. mm.

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