The trough is made of  S.S. 304  and the design consists of  Telescopic  Trough,  Fix trough  & Multiphases  trough. The telescopic trough is movable and its movements are adjusted by handwheel. There is a one-way circuit of water between the reservoir box and the telescopic trough. The cable is guided over the specially designed tray and water is sprayed over the wire. There is a height adjustment system for the tray meant for different sizes of wires.

Single pass cooling trough
Cooling Trough (Telescopic)
Material : S.S.  304
Type : Multipass
Max.  Cable Size : 10mm2
Width of Cooling Trough : 125mm
Depth of Cooling Trough : 140mm
Length of Cooling Trough : 2000mm
Telescopic Stroke of Cooling Trough : 2000mm
Telescopic Stroke movement : By hand wheel
Water Reservoir : 100 Ltr.
Cooling Type : Spray Cooling
Cooling Trough (Fixed) :
Width of Fixed Trough : 125mm
Depth of Fixed Trough : 140mm
Length of Fixed Trough : 9000mm

Multipass  Cooling  Trough enables more cooling time to cable in water. The wire is guided over a special design  Nylon  Roller,  which is height Adjustable. The wire passes through  Aluminum casted pulleys which are free rotating pulleys.

duble pass cooling through
Cooling Trough (Multipass)
Material : S.S.  304
Size of Wheel : 600mm
No.  Of free pulley : 2+2
No.  Of passes : 2+2
Length of Multipass Trough : 8000mm

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